ADIA welcomes the integration of digital inclusion in the Government’s Measuring What Matters Framework

The Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) joined with the Future Skills Organisation (FSO) to commend the Australian Government for the integration of digital inclusion into Australia’s first wellbeing framework, Measuring What Matters.

The ADIA contributed written submissions to both rounds of consultation on the proposed framework calling for indicators focused on digital inclusion, specifically digital ability and affordable access to both an appropriate device and internet connection.

The inclusion of a Digital Preparedness indicator in Measuring What Matters, under the Prosperous Australia theme, acknowledges all three pillars of digital inclusion: access, affordability and digital ability.

We support the Government’s decision to use the ADII as the metric for Digital Preparedness. We note that Measuring What Matters was released just days after the latest Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) data, which shows that while Australia’s digital divide is narrowing, it remains substantial, with around one in four Australians digitally excluded or highly digitally excluded.

Digital technologies – and the ability to confidently, safely, and independently use them – are required for all Australians in a contemporary economy and society, for access to work, learning and life. This includes being able to access essential services such as health, education and the myriad government services accessible online, along with finding and undertaking employment, progressing along a career path, as well as being socially connected.

The ADIA and the FSO are jointly undertaking collaborative work, with a view to gaining consensus on a Digital Capability Benchmark for access to work, learning and life in Australia. Articulating this common aiming mark will be critical in galvanising efforts across a range of organisations and sectors to significantly improve on current levels of digital ability, and we look forward to providing a detailed briefing on this project to ADIA members in the coming weeks.