About us

The Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) is a shared initiative with over 500 business, government, academic and community organisations working together to accelerate action on digital inclusion.

The ADIA’s vision is to build a digitally inclusive Australia where everyone is equipped to fully participate in the economy and society. Being digitally included means a person has:

  • Affordable access to quality internet and appropriate devices.
  • Access to inclusively designed online content, that’s readable and accessible, including if they are differently abled or from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • The knowledge, ability, skills and confidence to complete tasks safely and securely online.

The alliance is supported by Infoxchange and backed by Google and Telstra, with participants throughout the country from all sectors.

Our purpose

Digital technology plays a central and empowering role in our lives. With services increasingly being delivered online, it is more important than ever that no one gets left behind.

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index shows that while online participation is increasing across Australia, gaps continue to exist between those who are digitally included and excluded – linked closely to social exclusion and disadvantage.

We know that people with low levels of income, education and employment, along with older Australians, people with a disability, remote Indigenous communities and people in regional areas are more likely to be digitally excluded.

Digital inclusion is based on the premise that everyone in Australia should be able to make full use of digital technologies – to manage their health and wellbeing, access education and services, organise their finances, connect with friends and family, and the world beyond.

It goes beyond simply owning a computer, or having access to a smartphone.

At its heart, digital inclusion is about social and economic participation: using online and mobile technologies to improve skills, enhance quality of life, educate and promote wellbeing across the whole of society.

We believe everyone in Australia should be able to make full use of digital technologies.

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