Apr 17 2019Add your support to the ADIA Call to Action
Add your support to the ADIA Call to Action
From Andrew Whelan, Project Leader, on behalf of the ADIA Collective Voice Team Hello ADIA-ers,Over the past 12 months the ADIA Collective Voice team, which has broad industry and sector represen...
Apr 17 2019Inclusive access – a one-year project plan
Inclusive access – a one-year project plan
by Natalie Collins, ADIA Inclusive Access Project Leader, Centre for Inclusive Design Since its creation, the ADIA has made some substantial achievements. The Centre for Inclusive Design has been a k...
Apr 16 2019Community spotlight: Mobile Max
Community spotlight: Mobile Max
Alice Springs Public Library is exploring outdoor service with Mobile Max by Julie Gibson, Hitnet CEO & Co Founder Mobile Max is the brainchild of Hitnet, a company that specialises in providing...
Dec 3 2018Our first year at the ADIA
Our first year at the ADIA
Since our launch a little over a year ago, we've made some terrific achievements thanks to the commitment of Alliance members to working together to ensure everyone can thrive in the digital world.

We’re thrilled to now have 542 participants from over 400 organisations in our network working together to reduce the digital divide. Since our launch in 2017, we've supported 16 different ADIA Project Leaders over 12 different long-running projects across the country to pursue our shared goals.

Dec 2 2018Towards a national digital inclusion strategy
Towards a national digital inclusion strategy
We need your input! The Collective Voice Team are making great progress on the development of our ADIA strategy, along with our ‘call’ to engage with federal politicians and stakeholders, ahead of the upcoming election. We need to secure firm commitments to help close the gap!
Dec 1 2018Community spotlight: City of Greater Geelong
Community spotlight: City of Greater Geelong
The City of Greater Geelong represents approximately 225,000 people. The Community Inclusion Unit within the City of Geelong has been supporting digital inclusion since 2015 and continues to work on strategies to bridge the digital divide around access, affordability and ability in the broader Geelong community. They've hosted ‘Code Club’, an ADIA meetup and community based learning pop-ups, to supporting the launch of the National Year of Digital Inclusion and Digital Innovation Festival.
Oct 23 2018The international word on digital inclusion
The international word on digital inclusion
In a world first event, the ADIA, the US National Digital Inclusion Alliance and other participating organisations around the globe co-organised International Digital Inclusion Week. IDIW2018 ran from 15 – 21 October and aimed to highlight and celebrate digital inclusion efforts around the world. We were thrilled with the variety of events that took place and conversations that were sparked on the #IDIW2018 hashtag.
May 15 2018Community spotlight: Think Digital
Community spotlight: Think Digital
Think Digital is an outreach service that builds the digital skills and confidence of regional, rural and remote Australians through the delivery of digital education, experiences and entertainment....
Aug 2 2017ADIA launches to reduce the digital divide
ADIA launches to reduce the digital divide
Around three million Australians are not participating online and are being left behind in the digital age. The Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) believes all Australians should be able to...