What a year (and a bit) it’s been in the young life of the ADIA!

We’ve gotten off to a great start and made some terrific achievements thanks to the commitment of ADIA participants to working together to ensure everyone can thrive in the digital world.

As a digital inclusion action accelerator and facilitator, the ADIA has been busy establishing our operating approach, our communications, and guiding principles for collaboration. We’re thrilled to now have 542 participants from over 400 organisations in our network working together to reduce the digital divide.

We’ve hosted a number of big events as well as local meetups across every Australian state to enable local networking and discussion.

We’ve established and trialled a Project Team process to empower ADIA participants to collaborate on digital inclusion projects. Since our launch in 2017, this process has supported 16 different ADIA Project Leaders over 12 different long-running projects across the country to pursue our shared goals.

Project collaboration has resulted in many great achievements, including two funded research projects, co-developed submissions to government, free-to-use digital inclusion resources, the first ever International Digital Inclusion Week with a fantastic international panel.

We are poised to begin campaigning federally – in time for the next election – for a national digital inclusion strategy and more strategic resourcing to ensure everyone can make full use of digital technologies.

We very much appreciate the support, friendly engagement and commitment of the digital inclusion enthusiasts we engage with and who do the real work of the ADIA.

Thank you to our supporters and sponsors Infoxchange, Australia Post, Google and Telstra for enabling us to come together.

Happy Christmas and Holiday Season. Next year will be great!

– The ADIA Backbone Team,
John Huigen (Facilitator) and Charlotte McCombe (Coordinator)

Facts about the ADIA's first year