We need your input!

The Collective Voice Team are making great progress on the development of our ADIA strategy, along with our ‘call’ to engage with federal politicians and stakeholders, ahead of the upcoming election. We need to secure firm commitments to help close the gap!

We are proposing that the ADIA call for a national digital inclusion strategy that addresses affordability, digital ability and inclusive access. Why? Because currently millions of people in Australia are being left behind and it’s a social and economic cost that we can’t afford. RMIT researchers who have worked on the Australian Digital Inclusion Index have been a great help defining where we are today and developing some hard targets for where we need to get to. It’s been a great team effort!

The next step is to get wider input into building out the strategy with key recommendations and programs. We have drafted how a national digital inclusion strategy should be framed, what it should achieve and have recommended specific interventions, programs or policies to achieve the improvements that need to happen.

Please have a look at the summary and get back to us ASAP with your suggestions to improve the draft.

You will hear back from us seeking endorsement of the final draft once we integrate the feedback.

It’s been great working with such a great team of passionate people and I want to recognise and thank them all.

Happy Christmas!

Andy Whelan
Collective Voice Project Leader


Size: 324kb  |  Author: ADIA  |  Published: 2018  |  Status: DRAFT